A Statement on Black Lives Matter
We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the call to end racial injustice and anti-Black racism.
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What is MtS?

Making the Shift is a Youth Homelessness Social Innovation Lab with a mandate to contribute to the transformation of how we respond to youth homelessness through research and knowledge mobilization specific to youth homelessness prevention and housing stabilization.


How Does MtS Work?

Making the Shift convenes purposeful collaboration from the identification of challenges, to the design of evidence-driven policy and practice transformations, and to the mobilization and replication of proven strategies and solutions.

MtS’ Work

What is MtS’ Goal?

Making the Shift’s goal is to conduct and mobilize quality research that supports governments, communities, and service providers to make the shift from managing the crisis of youth homelessness, to a focus on preventing and enabling sustainable exits from homelessness.

MtS’ Goal

Making the Shift’s Research Agenda

“As a national coalition, we can bring organizations, governments and communities together to align their strategies and resources, so we can have a real impact on preventing and ending youth homelessness.”

Melanie Redman • Partnership & Implementation Director, Making the Shift

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