On the Move: A Mixed Methods Study of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Homelessness and Migration in Northeastern Ontario

Carol Kauppi, Laurentian University

About Carol

CA$285,336.00 over 3 years s

Major partners
Trent University; University of Sudbury/Laurentian University; Aboriginal People’s Alliance Northern Ontario; Canadian Mental Health Association Sudbury; Ga beh Shoo In Cochrane Ininew Friendship Centre; L’association des Jeunes de la Rue, Sudbury.

The objective is to generate new knowledge about appropriate strategies for detecting risk, intervening early, and supporting sustainable exits from homelessness amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous (Francophone and Anglophone) youth in urban, rural and remote communities of northeastern Ontario (NEO), given the paucity of research on migratory and hidden homelessness in these groups. The project will leverage data by analyzing a database on 512 youth (13-24) from the Sudbury/Manitoulin, Timmins and Cochrane Districts living with forms of homelessness in 2018. A three-year longitudinal qualitative study of 120 Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth experiencing homelessness will provide complementary, in-depth perspectives and insights into factors linked to homelessness, and views on solutions for female, male and genderqueer Indigenous youth and their non-Indigenous counterparts in NEO. More than 11 community organizations will assist with recruitment, follow-up, data collection and knowledge mobilization. Six focus groups with service providers in study communities will centre on viable ways to develop a coordinated system of services to address youth homelessness. New findings will be generated about various subgroups of youth in NEO, particularly on migration and forms of homelessness (e.g., hidden forms). Through enhanced knowledge, organizations can tailor supports for youth in remote, rural and urban places.