Making the Shift has built a training program focused on enhancing the capacity to deliver change and widening impact by training and mobilizing others. Not only will MtS build Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) within academic institutions and among students, but we will create advanced training opportunities for practitioners, policy makers, People with Lived Experience of Youth Homelessness, and funders.

Our focus will be on the multiple end-users of knowledge – including students, scholars, practitioners, funders, and policy-makers – in order to strengthen the capacity of each group and develop a new cadre of multi-sectoral HQP who have the knowledge, experience, and skills from a multi-sectoral perspective necessary to co-create and mobilize solutions to youth homelessness.

This requires continued training and knowledge transfer within the funder, philanthropic, and policy environments to ensure that key stakeholders have the necessary knowledge to make progressive, informed, and impactful decisions that support innovation and solutions to youth homelessness.

The Development of
Highly-Qualified Personnel (HQP)

Student Training

The broad and multi-disciplinary network of leading researchers and institutes that are part of MtS will contribute to the development of HQP, by recruiting and providing graduate and undergraduate students with Assistantships each year across all research themes and strategies.  Training opportunities for students include:

  • Research assistantships and internships
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Student Fellowships for People with Lived Experience of Youth Homelessness
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow (PDF) Awards.

RAs will receive traditional research training (qualitative and quantitative methods, data analysis, literature reviews, scholarly writing and conference presentations), in addition to innovative and collaborative internships with community partners that are focused on diverse methods of Knowledge Transfer (e.g., arts-based, participatory, team approaches).  Through these opportunities, students will develop a scholarly/publication profile using both traditional and social tools; practice knowledge dissemination to diverse audiences; work in community-based research settings; identify different avenues to participate in their field; and maximize interactions with and exposure to experts from their disciplines.

Advanced Training Modules

MtS will convene a series of Network-wide trainings – short-term learning modules – bringing together students, partners, academic leaders, and practitioners to encourage cross-sectoral collaboration within MtS, and develop diverse leaders with expertise in innovation, community-engaged and solutions-focused research, evaluation, advanced data analysis, knowledge mobilization, and the guiding principles for participatory research. Managed by the MtS HQP Coordinator, these MtS modules will create a nationally recognized certification program. The diverse enrolment within these modules will seed and support cross-sector learning required to find solutions to youth homelessness.

Ensuring Impactful Philanthropic Investment

Philanthropists and funders are crucial in efforts to prevent and end youth homelessness in multiple ways, including: supporting skills and capabilities development among practitioners, recognizing evidence of impactful practice, and investing in results-based solutions. MtS will work with funders to investigate the ways to allocate ‘right-size’ capital, maximize incentives for research-informed and practitioner-led innovative approaches, and improve communications with donors on the impact of their investments.

Building Policy Capacity to Support Change

MtS will leverage emerging opportunities to encourage a more permeable membrane between the civil service, research, and the social service sectors, working in close proximity and allowing for the cross-fertilization of ideas. Building on student training opportunities, MtS will pursue training linkages for PDFs, RAs, and Lived Experience Fellows in policy focused learning contexts.