Research to Impact

Achieving impact takes more than developing quality research. Our approach is guided by the needs of people who can best use research knowledge in order to make lasting change.

The work of Making the Shift is designed to build an evidence base on youth homelessness prevention that supports programming and policy decisions that will better coordinate systems, break down silos, and reorient investments away from a crisis response to youth homelessness to foreground the importance of prevention. Taken together, these initiatives are designed to heed the calls of young people: to do more sooner, well before they find themselves in situations where homelessness is imminent.

Four Key Initiatives

Funding Innovative Research

As an NCE, we host a variety of targeted and open calls for proposals that are subject to a rigorous review process and focus on five priority themes.

Prototyping Promising Programs

The demonstration projects support communities to implement, evaluate, and refine prevention program models in several key areas.

Mobilizing Research Knowledge

As research findings emerge from funded projects, we develop evidence-based tools, resources, and policy documents intended for target audiences.

Building Capacity in the Sector

We provide in-depth training, hands-on coaching, and mentorship opportunities to service professionals, students, and researchers.

Library of Resources

Curated materials for researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and sector partners interested in youth homelessness prevention.

Research Agenda

Guided by five intersecting themes, the MtS research agenda is designed to address gaps within the youth homelessness prevention evidence base and literature.

Core Research Themes

Shifting to Prevention through Early Intervention

Sustaining Successful Exits from Homelessness

Cross-Cutting Research Themes

Enabling Health,
Well-Being and Inclusion

Enhancing Outcomes for Indigenous Youth

Leveraging Data and Technology to drive Policy and Practice