Capacity Building

Making the Shift provides learning, peer mentorship, and professional development for various groups working to end youth homelessness, including practitioners, scholars with lived experience, funders, and policy-makers.

This work strengthens the capacity of current professionals and helps create a new cadre of multi-sectoral, highly qualified professionals who are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary to create and mobilize solutions to youth homelessness.

Training and Technical Assistance

From case consultation to virtual training, Making the Shift delivers prevention-based services to people at the frontlines that improve the well-being of young people. Services are based on prevention program models developed by the Demonstration Projects.

Communities of Practice

Making the Shift currently hosts and supports professional development opportunities and communities of practice for the following networks:

  • Scholars with Lived Experience (LivEx) Network: a peer mentorship community created by and for scholars with lived experience with youth homelessness.
  • Service Providers’ National Community of Practice: a community of practice for representatives from youth serving agencies and across systems. Contact Orpah Cundangan for more information and to join.