Trainings for Researchers

Specially curated knowledge suites for early-stage researchers serving the Youth Homelessness sector in Canada.

  • MTS Training

    MtS Workshop: Introduction to Qualitative Interviews

    This training is an introduction to qualitative interviewing for researchers and students gathering data from people impacted by and responding to youth homelessness.

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  • MTS Training

    MtS Scholars With Lived Experience Network (LivEx)

    LivEx is a network created by and for members in the areas of mentorship, training, and peer-to-peer learning for people with lived experience of youth homelessness to grow as leaders in their academic pursuits.

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  • External Training

    Homelessness Learning Hub

    The COH created a free library of open-source resources and practical training tools specially designed and curated for frontline agencies, service providers and others working to prevent and end homelessness.

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