A Year of Change and Impact

This has been a year of change. As a global community, we are weathering a pandemic not seen in over 100 years. As a nation, we are reckoning with calls for action on racial justice unlike any other time in our history.

What this year has taught us more than anything is that the status quo is not an option.

Systems will need to be redesigned. Research priorities will need to shift. Services will need to be retooled. Policies will need to be reimagined. This is what it will take from us to create the more just society that we know is possible.

While this moment of uncertainty has exposed just how much more work needs to be done to address the root causes of youth home-lessness, it has also reinforced what can happen when we work together.

As a Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) focused on systems transformation, Making the Shift is uniquely positioned to play a lead role in the social change this moment demands.

Our expanded portfolio of cutting-edge research is investigating the root causes of homelessness and identifying new opportunities to support young people and families. At the same time, our research to impact cycle is translating evidence into practical tools, training, policies, and programs that support practitioners, policymakers, and advocates who are in the trenches, making change possible at the frontlines, on conference calls, and at community gatherings. All of this work is made possible through an ever-growing network of members, affiliates, supporters, and organizations who have pledged their support to our common agenda.

Download the 2019–20 Making the Shift Impact Report to learn more about all of the important work underway.