We Are a Youth Homelessness Social Innovation Lab

Making the Shift contributes to the transformation of how we respond to youth homelessness through research and knowledge mobilization specific to youth homelessness prevention and housing stabilization.

Latest News & Updates

  • Looking Ahead: MtS Research in Progress Data-Informed Solutions to Support Communities Across Canada

    16 December 2022

  • Putting Prevention on the Map in the UNECE Region: The TCE as an International Platform for Prevention

    15 December 2022

  • RECAP: Administrative Data – Ways to Inform Equitable Homelessness Prevention

    9 December 2022

Our Approach

Funding Innovative Research

As an NCE, we host a variety of targeted and open calls for proposals that are subject to a rigorous review process and focus on five priority themes.

Prototyping Promising Programs

The demonstration projects support communities to implement, evaluate, and refine prevention program models in several key areas.

Mobilizing Research Knowledge

As research findings emerge from funded projects, we develop evidence-based tools, resources, and policy documents intended for target audiences.

Building Capacity in the Sector

We provide in-depth training, hands-on coaching, and mentorship opportunities to service professionals, students, and researchers.

Research Agenda

Core Research Themes

Shifting to Prevention through Early Intervention

Sustaining Successful Exits from Homelessness

Cross-Cutting Research Themes

Enabling Health,
Well-Being and Inclusion

Enhancing Outcomes for Indigenous Youth

Leveraging Data and Technology to drive Policy and Practice

“As a national coalition, we can bring organizations, governments and communities together to align their strategies and resources, so we can have a real impact on preventing and ending youth homelessness.”